Vegan Angels: Extending support within our community

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Everyone has times when they could do with a bit of aroha. Vegan Angels is a Christchurch Vegan Society initiative which offers free delivered meals and/or baking for vegans and vegetarians in Christchurch during times of need (this may include during periods of illness, after birth, grief or trauma). To ensure our meals are of high quality we are partnering with Green Dinner Table, who will be curating and delivering the meal boxes on our behalf.

Our aim is to let people know they are not alone while also providing them with nourishing and delicious food. This is a FREE service offering a one off meal box (consisting of three meals) and/or baking to those in need. People can register for a meal box/baking via our Christchurch Vegan Society website, we ask that those who register are vegetarian or vegan (this is due to the limited support that is available to those with plant-based dietary requirements).

All money raised will go directly towards the costs of meals, which Green Dinner Table will prepare and deliver at cost, so that we can get this programme up and running. During the current covid-19 situation we will not be offering home baking until it is safe to do so.

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