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You are invited to join our ever-growing Christchurch focused organisation, and be part of something awesome and rewarding and that aims to make a difference. It’s fun, inclusive and you will quickly discover our events include loads of deliciously good vegan food.

We offer 4 membership types.

These are open to all who want to help our work supporting everyone within our community following, or interested in adopting, a vegan/plant based lifestyle. The Vegan SuperHero campaign includes your ongoing monthly support.

(Please note: Membership gifts are only given offered to new members and are not for membership renewals.)

Thank you in advance if you’re in a position to invest in our future.

Basic Beansprout – $5 membership


While it doesn’t make us wealthy, we are rich with valued supporters. Ideal for unwaged and low income earners.


Modest Mungbean – $25 membership


Considered our standard membership option that never lets us down.
Includes our Aotearoa Vegan cotton shopping bag.


Generous Grasshopper – $50 membership


An excellent choice if you can afford a donation with your subscription.
Includes the Icing on the Quake cookbook and the Aotearoa Vegan cotton shopping bag.


Vegan Superhero – $100 + monthly donation


Valued ‘A’ for awesome, receiving your $100 donation and a regular monthly donation will truly give us super powers! Includes a special member Vegan GOODIE BAG full of surprises and treats including our Icing on the Quake cookbook.


What is the Vegan SuperHero campaign?

Our group has been working for the community since 2002. A recent change in our legal entity saw us becoming independent but it came at the cost of losing our funds and assets. To get us back on our feet and financially secure, the Vegan SuperHero contribution enable you to directly fund the growth and development of our group so we can continue to undertake our vital role in the community. You will also help ensure we retain our part-time worker to carry out so much essential work.