Leading cardiologist and nutritional epidemiologist talk

Anthony Reviews

We were delighted to host a talk by Professor Gary Fraser on his work at Loma Linda University in California. Professor Fraser is a cardiologist and nutritional epidemiologist and has directed the Adventist Health Studies at Loma Linda University since 1987.

This world renowned study compared the health experiences of 96,000 U.S. Seventh-day Adventists, some of whom were vegetarian and vegan and some not. This research has produced comprehensive data showing the clear health benefits of following a plant based diet. The vegetarian/vegan group had a better experience than the non-vegetarians with respect to blood pressure, lipids, risk of diabetes, overweight, or metabolic syndrome. In addition they also had lower rates of several cancers and cardiovascular disease. Their dietary habits appeared to result in about 5 extra years of generally good quality life.

Prof Fraser also spoke on their latest research looking at the impact of diet on colorectal, prostrate and breast cancers. Suffice to say it was all good news for plant based eaters!

We were lucky to have someone of his expertise and first-hand experience with the data to speak on this ground breaking research. Even nicer to find he was actually a Christchurch boy originally and a lifelong vegetarian himself.

Yolanda Soryl