Business membership network

Promoting plant-based living in the community

Conditions of membership

In order to be a part of our membership programme*:

1) All staff must have a clear understanding of what vegan means.

2) Signage or your menu must clearly state which options are suitable for vegans or can be made vegan on request.

3) Our Vegan Friendly sticker is displayed in a visible location within your store eg: front door, window, menu or display counter.


*Inclusion in the membership network does not constitute an endorsement by CVS of, and CVS takes no responsibility for, the products or services offered by the member.

Our Business Membership Network is open to all vegan or vegan-friendly businesses who are committed to encouraging or promoting veganism and a plant-based diet.

As a vegan-friendly business, you can be part of the awesome vegan revolution by joining Christchurch’s most pro-active vegan outreach organisation. In doing so, we will be able to support and promote your business too!

Business Membership: $100 annually

Building brand awareness

We help people find your business through online promotion and engagement with our large network of followers and members.

Expanding your audience

We help your business to connect with a diverse community interested in vegan friendly products and services.

Forging dynamic partnerships

We have been working alongside businesses to deliver exciting events, promotional opportunities and more since 2002. Let’s do great things together!

Supporting a good cause

Growing our community

As a registered charity, we rely on donations and sponsorship to continue to carry out our important work in our community.

Connecting supply with demand

Bringing the community together

People want to know where they can find local vegan food, products and vegan-friendly services, particularly if it is exciting and new!

Increasing your business

Positioning your business within the heart of the vegan and vegan-friendly community can only benefit sales and promotion!

Special introductory offer

Join our business membership programme today for $75 and save $25! (New members only)

Business Membership – $75 special offer

$100.00 $75.00

Annual Membership includes:

• Business listed in our vegan-friendly online directory
• A promotional advertisement about your products or business on Facebook
• One promotional advertisement about your products or business on Instagram
• Invitations to join local special events and activities when promotional opportunities arise
• Your business logo placement on our website

All donations are tax deductable