REVIEW: Vegan Camp

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Vegan Camp 2021
Reviewed by Keira Phelan, age 13.

There were so many good things about vegan camp I wasn’t sure where to start., so I thought I would start at the very beginning.

I have been to vegan camp three times. The funny thing is I never really get tired of it because every time it gets better. Once you have come once you will have to come again.

My favourite part of vegan camp is the fact that everyone is vegan, so if you can’t relate to someone you can talk about food and share creative ideas on how to make vegan food even better than it already is.

At vegan camp this year all of the food was lovingly made by our two wonderful chefs, Barry and Saci.

I remember months ago my mum, Lisa, started organising the whole thing. It took so much preparation and organisation but that all paid off when everyone got there and had a fantastic time.

One of the many amazing things about the camp is the variety of the activities. There were two compulsory activities: the meet and greet and the quiz night. Optional activities included visiting the Hanmer hot springs, mountain biking, walking, mini golf, an icecream eating competition (with soy ice cream of course), a movie night, rafting, a plastic egg and spoon race, a dark chocolate Easter egg hunt and a white vegan buttercream workshop run by Yolanda Soryl.

As you can see there was plenty to do with something for everyone. We closed our camp with a group photo (see below) and an old favourite song called Peanut Butter and Marmite.

* Vegan Camp is held every second Easter weekend in Hanmer Springs. For more info visit