Mexico Restaurant Vegan Fiesta

Are you ready to feast and party!

Come join us for a fun fiesta night at Mexico Restaurant. Enjoy some of the best local Mexican cuisine at this special one-off CVS fundraising dinner.

All dishes will be brought to the table for sharing except for the soft shell tacos which you get to pick for yourself to enjoy. Price $39 per person. Limited to 50. Online bookings have now closed but there is a chance we will have a few more placements closer to the time.  Email us if you are interested in joining us.



Guacamole tomato pico de gallo, coriander, fresh jalapeño & totopos
Salsa Roja with house made yellow corn chips


Blue corn memelas frijoles, tofu, salsa tomatillo, red mole, pickled chili
Chickpea patatas blackened capsicum & carrot mojo, cucumber & green apple pico
Picadita’s frijoles, achiote mushroom, slaw, cucumber milk, pepitas, coriander


Jackfruit Cochinita pibil beetroot stained daikon, sesame seeds, almond milk
Calabaza flower turmeric batter, aguacate, pepitas, almond crema
Green beans in turmeric batter chipotle crema, tofu, red slaw, yellow salsa frita
Pan roasted mushroom guajillo adobo, sweet and salty crisp kale, green onion mayo


Chimichangas pan fried mushroom, leek, chili, queso, cactus & salsa asada
Chiles en nogada tomatillo, pomegranate seeds, almond milk, ensalada de col
Agave & nutmeg pumpkin queso, spiced pepitas, baby spinach, mint, salsa borracha
Jack fruit Cochinita pibil, toasted sunflower seeds, green onion, oregano, salsa borracha
Crispy chickpea & pumpkin cucumber, lime & chipotle dressing, cauliflower, seeds
White quinoa silverbeet, green beans, pepitas, agave & olive oil dressing



Please note dessert is not included in the price. Available on request for $12
Xocolate pastel, coconut crema, mint, black plum sorbet, walnuts
Macerated stone fruit & fresh berries with kiwifruit sorbet, toasted coconut, lime &
galangal agua, sorrel


23 March 2019






Mexico Restaurant
203 Manchester St, Christchurch Central, Christchurch 8011


Christchurch Vegan Society