Kai and Korero – a safe space for sharing

AKA Christchurch Vegans Depression & Anxiety Support

Life can be hard. Even with friends, family and pets around us, we can feel isolated. Sometimes we can’t speak our truth for fear/risk of rejection.

The purpose of ‘kai and korero’ is to offer a safe, non-judgmental space to be in our humanity – be it messy, imperfect or hard to bear. It is a space to share struggles, successes, fears, frustrations and hopes.

Kai and Korero is primarily about supporting each other through difficult times and unpleasant thoughts and feelings – whatever they may be. They do not have to be about veganism/being vegan in a non-vegan world. However, this is a space where these are safe topics of conversation for vegans. You do not have to be vegan, or full vegan to join a group. But you do need to be OK with hearing the thoughts and feelings of vegans.

Limitations and disclaimer: Kai and Korero does not offer any form of therapy or counselling. It is not a medical authority, and it does not offer professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. The group is for mutual support between people and is not intended to replace professional treatment. In all cases people are strongly encouraged to discuss their medical treatment with their own General Practitioner and/or mental health professional. While sharing of thoughts and feelings is its purpose, we ask that people are mindful of others when going into specific details of events, particularly in a group setting. We do not wish to trigger anyone.

Confidentiality: Anything discussed within the support group may be discussed with others outside the group if relevant (e.g. with family, friends or therapists), but must be kept anonymous and not be associated with any named person(s), and no identifying details can be shared.
For more info, email me for the group’s structure etc. (evielou86@gmail.com)

Note: This group is not affiliated with the Christchurch Vegan Society.


10 June 2021


7:00pm - 9:00pm


Koha towards venue hire. Food if you're able to.


Woolston Community Centre
Ferry Road, Christchurch