Over 500 march for animal rights

Anthony Reviews

Over 500 passionate people marched and chanted loudly through the streets of Auckland last weekend to demonstrate the appalling lack of equality, fair treatment and compassion extended to animals in New Zealand. “The atmosphere was electric as we marched down Queen Street chanting slogans like Humane slaughter is a lie, animals do not want to die!,” says CVS’s administrator Amy O’Brien, who attended the protest.

The march proceeded down Queen Street to Aotea Square where guest speakers delivered passionate pleas calling for greater protection and rights for all animals. NZAVS Executive Director, Tara Jackson, gave a compelling speech on the scientific and ethical reasons why animal testing must stop, and Carl Scott, a former slaughterhouse worker turned vegan activist from Dunedin, gave an inspiring talk about the rise and widespread acceptance of veganism. “It was really encouraging to see so many people pledging to become vegans,” says Amy.

“It was an amazing experience to march with so many like-minded people and hopefully it prompts members of the public to question where their food comes from. It really feels like times are changing. I can’t wait to see the progress we see over the coming months and what the turn out will be next year!” she says.